1. patented mold, easy to adjust, and has its own patent, replace the mold more trouble and save the province of materials

2.high-speed synchronous cutting system

3 .PLC control

4. can be on-site construction

5. can be adjusted speed

6.high-quality products, high-quality services

7. the system can handle galvanized sheet, aluminum

8.automatic roll out of equipment

9. can produce a variety of different diameter spiral tube

II. Main Import Configuration

1.Taiwan Delta Or Germany SIEMENS PLC

2.Schneider electric appliance

3.Full imported bearing steel press wheel

III.Application industry 

1.Ventilation system,a fresh air and exhaust ,to exclude harmful gas outdoors,the outdoor fresh air to the indoor.In general,the flow of ventilation system is very big,therefore require the use of Yin force smaller air pipelines,in order to save cost and operation cost,spiral duct is the most suitable.Usually use galvanized iron pipe,corrosive and special stainless steel tube used in damp places.

2.Air condition system .such as air supply and exhaust, the range is very wide, such as factory workshop, the production site needs to be discharged due to outdoor air, harmful gas, and need to be transported to the indoor outdoor air. Then it is necessary to use large flow and low pressure air delivery pipe, spiral duct is the most suitable, use galvanized iron pipe in general, corrosive and wet places stainless steel tube.

3.Exhaust system, hotel,restaurant,hotel kitchen has produced a large number of lampblack,need discharge,using spiral duct is appropriate,good strength,economic and practical.

4.Dust removal system ,There are many factories in the production workshop a lot of dust, the need for specialized dust removal device, in which the air flow is larger, can be used in a spiral duct.

5.For conveying bulk material , the production process, need to transport loose particles, in particular, the proportion of small, such as foam plastic particles, such as the use of a low cost, good effect.

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Spiral Duct Machine

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