I. Performance Features

1.Aluminum alloy suspension arm make the machine easy to operate.

The build-in control cabinet reduces wiring as a whole structure and make it easy to move.

2.The imported configuration is very stable and comfortable to use.

II. Function

JHT Square Auto Duct Line II 2 can drive blanking for duct and TDF flange forming machine at the same time. Combined with TDF flange forming machine, rolling reel machine, crimping machine and relevant corner code, duct production line 2 can produce high-quality products.

III. Basic Configuration

1.One electric coil cradle(two material trays)

2.One set of leveling and beading equipment

3.Hydraulic angle-shearing machine with four sets of die

4.Hydraulic sheet-shearing machine

5.A set of CNC computer control system and production software

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Square Auto Duct Line II

Square Auto Duct Line 2 Good Quality Square Duct Famous PLC Servo Control 1300MM Coil Width with 2 Electric Decoilders Design

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  • $9,750.50 $12,600.00

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