I. Main Features

Snap Lock Machines form a two piece seam that greatly simplifies duct work assembly. The male seam is a button, the female seam is a lock and the two snap together for a flush corner. These machines can form 0.4 to 1.2 mm sheet metal into female locks on the inboard and button punched right angle flanges on outboard rolls at speeds of 18m/min and are available in seven and nine forming station machines. Not only do these locks assemble twice as fast as traditional methods, but because the two pieces nest, they are easier to transport too.

II.Advantage Of Products

‘S’ cleats and more. A flexible lock former, designed for super high productivity of inboard cleats. The triplex design has two inboard and two outboard forming positions allowing bearing support on both sides of the profile. The top plate and roll assembly are split into three zones with each having special design details like knurled rolls and angled guides to keep material moving through the machine in a straight line. These zones also can be adjusted by the operator to meet the requirements of a wide variety of gauges.With 9 forming stations, the triplex cleat former can form 0.4-1.0 mm sheet metal into ‘S’ and drive cleats on the inboard forming positions and up to 12 auxiliary roll set profiles on the outboard forming positions at speeds averaging 100 fpm.

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KFLS S type Pittsburgh Lock Machine

HVAC Duct S Snap Lock Crook Profile Pittsburgh Snap Lock Forming Duct Machine TDF/TDC Flange Maker Ventilation Industry Duct Forming

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