Flat-Oval duct forming machine brief Introduction
The range of flat oval sizes is particularly useful where designers have space limitations in ceiling void or riser applications, it has the additional advantage of fewer site joints and supports compared with rectangular ductwork. Our Flat-Oval duct forming machine is suitable for the ovalizer duct manufacture. After spiral duct, the ovalizer duct machine expands it into standard size. Our compact working with 1.2mm thickness material of helix ovalizer can satisfy requirements of most ductwork. The formed diameter is between 450mm and 1500mm. The ovalizer requires little at tension on manufacture site. It can process duct with width of 3.6m, thickness of 1.2mm.
Aluminum Flat Oval duct mould Ordering
Two parts moulds are included in, the oval duct stretch mould, height moulds and half round moulds. The flowing drawing is for client understanding. Or when client can let us know the oval duct sizes, major axis and minor axis sizes. The following are the normal sizes for the two moulds,
l   Semi round moulds Diameter (φ): φ150、φ200、φ250、φ300、φ350、φ400、φ450mm
l   Height Post Moulds (H): 100、200、300、400、500mm
The ovalizer moulds can be special supplied according to customers’ requirement. In term of your requirements, TAG: Flat-oval Duct Forming Machine, Ovalizer, Flat-Oval duct forming machine.

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Oval Duct Machine

HVAC Flat Oval Shape Spiral Pipe Ellipse Duct Forming Machine Round Air Tube Spiral Duct Oval Machine For HVAC Pipe Making

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