CNC angle steel production line is CNC angle steel flange iron pipe production line flange punching shearing machine, It is a versatile machine and change a variety of models to meet different duct shapes made of bone type,  rolling wheels can freely change according to customer requirements. 

II. Function

Fully automatic angle steel flange production line, or CNC angle steel flange production line, is mainly for punching and cutting duct angle steel flange. The machine are designed to feed, punch, cut automatically in order to save labor and improve efficiency. It’s very fast, accurate and highly automatic.

III. Performance Features

· It’s controlled by servo control motor and its feeding dimensions are accurate.

· It’s only requires to input the size of working piece, how many holes to punch when programming, which is very easy to operate.

· The new design mold can complete the angle steel switching rapidly, and the punch is durable.

IV. Main Configuration

· Taiwan hydraulic system

· Cutter and punching die which are made of American H13 material

· Servo motor-driven feeding system.

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Angle Flange Production Line

Angle Steel Flange Punching Shearing Machine CNC Angle Steel Punching and Cutting Machine and Iron Wind Pipe Production Line

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