Shredder  machine description .

The two-shaft shredder also known as shear shredder reduces material size by cutting, tearing, and extruding. This shredder is widely used for scrap plastics, rubber, wood, and other bulk wastes.


Heavy moving knife, high crushing efficiency moving knife and fixed knife are cast with alloy steel, strong, long service life,Iron frame plate thick, high torque resistance, very strong,easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

The unit yield is the passing quantity calculated theoretically, and the specific use should be determined according to the actual density and shape of the crushing material

Shredder blades


Shredder knife and  blade is one of the most important parts of shredder, the quality of shredder blade directly affects the processing cycle of mechanical scrap, according to the classification of shredder, shredder blade is divided into single-axis shredder blade and multi-axis shredder blade.As an important shredding tool for shredding machines.

According to the shredder structure classification, the shredder blade can be divided into single-axis shredder blade, multi-axis shredder blade (including two-axis shredder blade and four-axis shredder blade).

Shredder blade is divided into fixed knife and moving knife, fixed knife through the internal hexagonal hole fixed on the main shaft of the shredder material crushing processing.The single-spindle shredder blade, as the name implies, is installed on the shaft of the single-spindle shredder, by called the moving knife.The shape is square, the edge is curved on all sides, and the tapping hole is in the middle. The part from the edge to the middle hole is concave inward, which can be used with the fixed tool on the tool rest.Multi-axis shredding machine blade for claw, according to the design of each company, shredding machine installed in biaxial or four axis, generally can be divided into three claw shredding machine blade, 8 claw shredding machine, 12 claw shredding machine blade, etc, used for crushing, tearing and extrusion to decrease the size of the material, the shredding machine blades are widely used in waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other large volume of waste.

3.Blade material

Manufacturing shredding machine blade material for 9 crsi commonly, Cr12MoV, SKD - 11, 9 crsi ,H13 , D2 and other alloy tool steel, the material cutting tools high hardness, good wear resistance, but the brittleness is larger, apply to rubber, fiber, paper and other soft material waste, Cr12MoV and SKD - 11 for cold work die steel, the two kinds of material performance, with strong abrasion resistance, impact resistance is strong, suitable for shredded wood, furniture, high hardness of plastic waste, etc.

4.Normal size

The diameter of the commonly used shredding machine blade is 200mm-500mm, the thickness is 20mm-50mm, the inner hole is hexagon, can also be made according to customer requirements octagon or round (with keyway).The blade is quenched by salt bath furnace and vacuum furnace.

Catagory double shaft type shredder electric power
Composition Industrial Shredder Machine is suitable for shredding all kinds of industrial waste in all pieces. It is widely used to recycle the metal cans, bucket, pot, basin, steel drum, aluminum rods, etc. Shredder Blades is the important part in it. Welcome inquiry more, please email us: [email protected] Our customer manager will contact you. Used in scrap plastic film products of waste furniture, Large tire recycling (engineering tire) shredder and municipal solid waste disposal. Shredder with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversal control function, featuring with low speed, high torque, The low-speed, etc. The bearing seat adopts the split type, easy to disassemble and change the blade, suitable for shredding, extra size thick and difficult broken material. Work high efficiently, with high capacity, easy to operate.The machine is controlled by PLC system.The blade can be rotated in opposite direction. It will close automatically if something unexpected happen, with very high safety service. JHTS’ series Single shaft shredder out put capacity from 200 kg - 1,500 kg /hour. Used for shredding waste plastic film, rubber products, wove bag, fiber, paper, wood and some parts of electrical equipments. Wasted junks in the die, large plastic pipe, packing buckets. Our ’JHT’ series double shaft shredding machine adopts the advanced technology introduced from Europe Work high efficiently, with high capacity, easy to operate.The machine is controlled by PLC system.The blade can be rotated in opposite direction It will close automatically if something unexpected happen, with very high safety service. Double-shaft shredders out put capacity from300 kg -3,000 kg /hour .minimum out put piece size reach 50 mm. The four shaft shredder is driven by planet gear speed reducers, using alloy steel blades with high intension and anti-wear characters. The four shafts in the shredding equipment rotate at different speeds and have tearing, extrusion and bite functions. JHTF’ Four-shaft shredders out put capacity from 500 kg-1,600 kg/hour. chamber size from 600Lx1030W to 1600Lx1260W. Used for Plastic barrel, plastic bottle. Metal drum, metal cans. Tire, bumper, roadblock, battery, Washer, fridge and other waste home appliances. The shear blades are supply multi choice from different material, like 9CRSI, highest quality SKD11 steel (D2 equivalent), DC53 material etc. to ensure against dulling. Depending the capacity you require, we offer a variety of standard shredders for your choosing.

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DS450 model double shaft shredder machine

double shaft shredder machine /dual axis shredder machine for scrap pet bottles /recycling shredder for iron scrap

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